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Product Type: non-standard custom playground series
Material: wood, LLDPE, galvanized pipe/slide
Reference Price: 900 ~ 42000 dollars / set
Applicable Places: residential areas, schools, kindergartens, parks, children’s palaces, villa gardens, squares, farms, resorts, shopping malls, playgrounds and other playgrounds
Production period: 15 ~ 45 days

Product name: non-standard custom acorn combination playground
Specification: 3300*2700*550cm 
Material: oak, galvanized pipe/slide, LLDPE
Reference price: 101950 dollars/ set

More Design:

Customize outdoor non-standard playgrounds and provide feasible supporting plans for children playland according to your site and needs. Design drawing, negotiate prices, and final orders and after-sale service. Please contact the salesman to discuss your plan.

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