Outdoor Park Fitness Series

Product Type: deluxe series outdoor fitness equipment
Material: galvanized pipe, plastic parts
Reference Price: 220~780 dollars / set
Applicable Places: residential areas, parks, kindergartens, parks, Private yards or other public areas
Production period: 13 ~ 23 days

Product name: deluxe double combination trainer
Specification: 224*70*200cm
Material: galvanized pipe, plastic parts
Reference price: 625 dollars/ set


We offer the services that proposing a solution for outdoor fitness in the park, surveying the site in the early stage, confirming selection of fitness equipment in the mid-term, producing the effect pattern, negotiating the price, and finalizing the order. We also could customize the size and matchings for the community or park, and set the price according to the amount of equipment. Please contact salesman.

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