Zhuhai Hongya Bilingual Art Kindergarten Planning Project

Zhuhai Hongya Bilingual Arts Kindergarten Planning Project
Size: Entire park
The project is located in Hongya Bilingual Arts Kindergarten in Jinwan District, Zhuhai. The project includes the designs of indoors multiple teaching areas and the planning of outdoor recreation facilities. Indoors multiple teaching areas designs includes kindergarten reception area, doll house activity area, bilingual classrooms, ceramics room, dancing room, art room, music room, etc. Outdoor climbing parks are equipped with climbing-based unpowered amusement equipment, including space earth climbing amusement, pirate ships, and climbing expansion combinations. Committed to providing children with a comprehensive and integrated learning environment.
The project was successfully completed on August 28, 2018, and the school started on time and was put into use on September 1.

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