• Space Theme Children Playground Slide
    Space Theme Children Playground Slide

    This space themed hildren playground equipment integrates fitness and entertainment as a whole, which can meet the children's psychological needs such as being strong, competitive and adventurous. This playground is suitable for all kinds of kindergartens, residential quarters, department stores, parks and other places for children to play. According to the interests and hobbies of children, various types of supporting products are carefully designed. It is a new type and highly comprehensive children playground with bright colors, strong entertainment, complete functions and reliable quality.          

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  • Fun Aqua Water Park Design
    Fun Aqua Water Park Design

    This is a large composite fiberglass slide aqua water park design, combining many typical aquatic entertainment elements, such as large semi-open S slides, double slides, closed S FRP slides, racing slides, oversized pouring buckets, etc. Aqua water park surrounds with a variety of water play sketches, mushrooms, colorful water ring, five cone inverted bucket, three-pipe shower, dolphin spray, jellyfish spray, duckweed network channel and water gun combination. All forms a comprehensive and interesting water park.          

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  • Outdoor Non-standard Custom Playground
    Outdoor Non-standard Custom Playground

    This series of amusement equipment is designed with novel and unique shapes and bright colours, used modeling elements with colorful colors such as parrots, sika deer, fruits, globes, stationery etc animals and plants to create a fantasy fairyland for children to take risks, explore, and have fun. Builders could create a children's world full of vitality and attraction in the limited spaces such as playlands, kindergartens, communities, parks, etc, and they would provide children with a land full of colorful joy as well as a unknown adventures world.          

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  • Wood Furniture for Activity Area
    Wood Furniture for Activity Area

    The design was inspired by the building style of the southern areas with Chinese characteristics. The use of Jiangnan-specific architectural style elements on children's furniture creates a holistic area specifically for children's learning and extracurricular activities. Under the influence of the elegant atmosphere of books, it is easier to open a new window for children to learn and improve their learning ability. While playing in the activity area, learning and communicating with children can better grasp more learning and life skills.          

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